Hojacks has been voted BEST in the following:
-Wings in Orleans County
-Family Restaurant
-Restaurant for Steak

Our History 

Joseph F. Lynch bought a parcel of land in the town of Carlton from Harry Dean in March. Lynch build a general store and opened it until sometime in 1932.

Will Hibbard rented the building from Joseph F. Lynch and operated a barbershop for about a year.

Charlie Fritzs buys the store.

Charlie Fritz hires a band for entertainment and they played every weekend. The band consisted of Wanda McGlen on saxophone, Bob Weist on second sax, Malcom Bird on drums, and Alton Sanford on piano.

Charlie Fritz doubles the size of the building by adding on to the back. Charlie, along with his wife, Amelia, Leland Kelsey, and Church Billings obtain the oak bar in Rochester. This is the same bar that is still used today.

Walter and Hazel Batt buy the business from Charlie Fritz.

Gordon Collar helps install the Bevador Cooler, which is still used in the bar today.

Bob and Mary Ann Tillman buy the business, making their home in the back of the restaurant while serving meals in the front.

Bob Willis purchases the business from The Tillmans.

Richard (Dick) and Josephine Janus buy the business from Bob Willis. Dick held Euchre tournaments on Tuesday evenings and also hosted polka dances with Carol Pawliczyk on accordion and Chuck Nerri on drums.

Eleanor Jurs and her son, Ronald, bought the business in July. They renovated the building and restored parts of the bar area including the Bevador Cooler.

Darlene Felkner bought the business in May. She renovated it to bring back the history of the old train station, done in the memory of her grandfather Thorton E. Dart.

In June, Peter Mandrino buys the Carlton Grill and renames it the Hojack Station, completing several renovations to the bar area and the Bevador Cooler.

Stephen DeSantis and Sandi Holmes bought the restaurant from Peter Mandrino in November, renaming it the Carlton Four Seasons Restaurant. They also did several renovations to the kitchen, as well as new plumbing and electri

Daniel & Brenda Conrad purchased the restaurant in September. He did major renovations to the kitchen, bar, back dining room, and outdoor shed. He is running the restaurant with the help of his family members: Danielle; JoJo and Jayden; Anthony, Crystal, Hailey, Michael, and Gabrielle.


Front Building

HoJacks Food Truck

Bar Area

Outside Porch Seating Area